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We do ANY type of interior work, from original replacements in cloth, vinyl or leather or repairs and restoration. Small piece repairs right on up to complete interiors, OEM or complete custom.

We do headliners, cloth or vinyl and original style windlaces (trim around your headliner).

Recover your door and side panels, rear shelves and even some dashboard treatments. We stock original and custom vinyls, even leather “look-a-likes”.

We offer carpet & pad replacement. Get the factory originals with pads at a fraction of the cost of getting it through the dealer. Guaranteed to fit right and look right, the first time. Why mess around with the wannabees?

We also repair broken seat frames and have an unmatched process for dying leather and vinyl to get that perfect match. Got a seat that needs to be fixed? If you need a repair, replacement or upgrade, come see us today!

And a few Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Interiors!

Q: Are you able to fix my sagging headliner (inside of my roof)?
A: Yes! We stock almost all colors too. This is a very common problem and is usually not as costly as you would think! Call us today for a free bid!!

Q: Do you have a way to fix dash boards, without a total replacement??
A: We do some dash board repairs, depending on the nature of the problem. We also have a dash cap program that solves the problem, quick and cleanly for some cars. Call for details.

Q: I’m looking for an original look and fit for my carpets , can you help?
A: We have been a distributer of Auto Custom Carpets for over 25 years . These are the state of the art for replacement carpets. We replace not only the carpet, but also the padding. That not only makes it smell and look fresh and new, but extends the life of the new carpet dramatically. With fit is as good as it gets at a fraction of the cost of the dealer, what are you waiting for?!

Q: Can you repair my vinyl/cloth/leather seats, including broken springs or foam?
A: Sure! Pop over to our leather area and you’ll see all kinds of repair work or stop by and show us what you’ve got for a fast and easy quote! Why put up with that any longer?

Call us today! (801) 265-0991

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