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The Seat Cover Company is celebrating our 43rd year this year! That's 43 years of experience in total restoration, restyling and small repairs in leather!

The Seat Cover Company has been a proud Katzkin authorized dealer for over 10 years , the first name in leather restyling . No automotive manufacturer offers a selection of colors and materials as varied and as extensive as Katzkins, at a fraction of the cost of stock leather.

We are able to repair just the bad section(s) of your seats or replace the entire set completely! We have top of the line leathers in all styles, custom matched for color and grain.

Looking to upgrade your cloth or vinyl seats? We can replace them with state of the art, custom stitched leather interiors. Want to embroider your custom logo or name into your custome seats? We do that too! We have a leather re-dying process that reconditions your existing hides to look like new again! We can custom match ANY grain and color, from the old classics to the latest German jobs. Custom two tones, logos, tucks or original looks are all in our bag of tricks at a fraction of dealer cost. In fact, many dealers in the area bring their cars here!

The quality of our interiors is unmatched by any of our competitors. Even surpassing the look, feel and durability of those offered by many OEMs!

We also sell LEXOL, the world’s best leather cleaners and conditioners, in stock!

We have plenty of examples and samples to get your ideas flowing, come on in and get your ideas flowing! We’re right in the middle of the valley, a block south of Lowe’s at 45th and I-15. Stop in, tell us about your ideas and get a free quote today!

And now...A Few Frequently Asked Questions about Leather Seats!

Q: I just have some cracked or torn sections. Can I fix just that or do I need to do the whole seat?
A: Yes, this is the most common and least expensive repair we offer. Perfect match, every time!

Q: Are you able to match my leather so it looks OEM?
A: This is our specialty! We have a leather program unlike any other. We don’t just come close, we match it perfectly, every single time!!

Q: Are you able to repair and add to my broken down/ torn foam?
A: Absolutely! We have every foam type available. We are able to repair whole seats, small sections or add to/firm up what you have.

Q: What if my seat frame and/or springs need some work?
A: No big deal at all. In most cases we are able to repair this on site while making your other repairs!

Q: Is it really necessary for me to use a conditioner on my leather or is that stuff just a scam?
A: Leather is prone to drying out and sun fade/rot over time, even with the very best dye and manufacturing processes. If you want it to last, you need to keep it soft and pliable. That means a little extra help now and then to keep those beautiful leather seats looking new for a long time to come. Look at some of the” befores” in our galleries and you’ll get a quick idea of what sun and heat can do! We carry the best stuff around! Stop in and try a bottle, you’ll be glad you did!

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